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Flarepoint is a free and open source customer relationship management system (CRM) to help you keep track of your customers, contacts, tasks and more. It is a self-hosted platform based on Laravel 5.4 PHP Framework and PHP 7.0+. Flarepoint is capable of simple invoice management, tasks and leads management, time management and so much more to help you become more organized and efficient. Long story short - It is usually impossible to hide the PHP source code since it is an interpreted language, but there are still possible ways to encrypt it: Use a free code obfuscator. Purchase a paid code encoder. Lastly, compile the PHP code using a converter or virtual machine. Hiding the source code is not going to be straightforward. PHP is a open source scripting language, commonly used for web development. The code is executed on the server before being displayed to clients unlike other languages like JavaScript. PHP can also be used for command line actions as well and has a wide range of libraries and frameworks for it. This guide is how to install PHP from source. PHP examples (example source code) Organized by topic. PHP; Form / File Upload 5: Form Action 1: Form based Email 2: Form Based Query 1: Form Checkbox 5: Form Data 10: Form Post 8: Form Select 14: Form TextArea 1: Form Validation 7: Form 10: Hidden Field 3: is_uploaded_file 2: Query String 5: Radio Button 3: Self Call Form 2: TextBox 4

Jan 15, 2020 · PHP-Fusion is an award-winning lightweight open source content management system (CMS). PHP -Fusion is written in PHP and MySQL and includes a simple, comprehensive administration system. 32 Reviews

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The show_source() function outputs a file with the PHP syntax highlighted. The syntax is highlighted by using HTML tags. The colors used for highlighting can be set in the php.ini file or with the ini_set() function. show_source() is an alias of highlight_file(). Billing system (Billing) developed in the php programming language and with the database manager mysql, for an effective and complete control of finances of your company or company, the system was not developed by us, we shared it because we thought it was a very useful tool for all those who are interested in billing systems and who are developing similar projects since they will be of great Open-source, free project. (Community edition merged in). Atom - free and open-source text editor with out-of-the-box PHP support. Bluefish - a multipurpose editor with PHP syntax support, in-line PHP documentation, etc. PHP includes various free and open-source libraries in its source distribution, or uses them in resulting PHP binary builds. PHP is fundamentally an Internet -aware system with built-in modules for accessing File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers and many database servers, including PostgreSQL , MySQL , Microsoft SQL Server and SQLite (which is