Turn on SmartScreen Filter scan option for the Restricted

Mar 08, 2010 Internet Explorer - Managing the Phishing/SmartScreen Filter Jul 09, 2019 SmartScreen cause Internet Explorer no responding

The SmartScreen spam filter will be removed from future versions of Exchange Server and Outlook for Windows. (SmartScreen is not available in any other version of Outlook). This announcement does not affect the SmartScreen Filter online protection features built into Windows, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer browsers.

One of the uses of the SmartScreen Filter attribute that Internet Explorer has is to prevent individuals from accessing and "obtaining stuck" phishing websites, phishing is one of the cybercrime mode that seeks to get delicate details such as usernames and passwords of an account (social networks, email, and even financial). SmartScreen (Phishing) Filter is designed to warn you if the website you are visiting is impersonating another website or contains threats to you computer. This will show you how to enable to disable the SmartScreen Filter in Internet Explorer 8. For more about SmartScreen Filter, see: Internet Explorer 8: More secure, private, and reliable

Mar 08, 2010

SmartScreen was first introduced in Internet Explorer 7 then known as the Phishing Filter. Phishing Filter does not check every website visited by the user, only those that are known to be suspicious. Internet Explorer 8: SmartScreen Filter How to Disable SmartScreen Filter in Internet Explorer MicrosoftSmartScreenfilter, is a very feature founded on Internet Explorer 8 and later versions that protects you from phishing websites and prevents the installation of malicious software on … Access for Microsoft SmartScreen Filter on IE