client dev tun proto udp remote 443 remote-random-hostname resolv-retry infinite nobind persist-key persist-tun remote-cert-tls server cipher AES-256-GCM verb 3 Contents of CA Contents of client certificate (.crt) file Contents of private

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Kill OVPN client connection | Netgate Forum –resolv-retry n If hostname resolve fails for --remote, retry resolve for n seconds before failing. Set n to "infinite" to retry indefinitely. By default, --resolv-retry infinite is enabled. You can disable by setting n=0. I don't think I have a hostname resolution issue. Windows : Map-a-network-drive to a remote Shared-Folder Jun 25, 2013 A sample OpenVPN client configuration file in the unified A sample OpenVPN client configuration file in the unified format - android-client.ovpn EdgeRouter Lite OpenVPN setup | Logan Marchione