The wizard next asks for the WINS configuration information. (Optional) If you want to enable WINS, enter the WINS server configuration and then click Next. If you don’t want to use WINS, skip this step and just click Next. Either way, the next screen lets you configure scopes.

However, though you have specified an IP address for a WINS server in the configuration file, Samba will not necessarily use the WINS server before other forms of name resolution. The order in which Samba attempts various name-resolution techniques is given with the name resolve order configuration option, which we will discuss shortly. Windows Server Core IP Configuration, Part 2 - The things Jan 27, 2008 Setting up WINS in Windows 2000 - TechRepublic Apr 03, 2001 wins-server (Access) - TechLibrary - Juniper Networks CLI Statement. SRX Series,vSRX. Specify the wins-server IP address.

Understanding Windows Internet Name Service (WINS

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How to configure wins server 2008(Windows Internet Naming

If a WINS server in an environment is the sole WINS server for that network, no additional configuration is required other than ensuring that clients will be pointing to the WINS server in their IP configuration.