Go to the websites which allows you to download the .torrent data directly using your browser, upload your file there and download it using the browser. These are the simple steps I have shown you with the help of which you can actually bypass the blocked sites and can able to download the .torrent file on blocked utorrent through IDM.

How to bypass torrent blocked ports using openvpn. [SOLVED Sep 22, 2018 Download blocked Torrent Files using College or Office ♦ Enter the URL of any torrent search engines in the proxy websites address bar and press “ enter”. ♦ Now the blocked torrent site will open and you can download desired torrent file. ♦ Finally, use utorrent or any other torrent client application. What if Torrent Client application is blocked instead of torrent websites?

In this way you can access and download anything in your college,universities,offices and other blocked places. this is the Best method. you can use VPN(Virtual Private Network) to download but the speed decreases also VPN Disconnect after some time. you will face one more problem if you use vpn to download torrents, not all VPN networks can download torrents only few can. so here is another

Before downloading a movie using uTorrent it is important to know the best sites which provide you the movies torrents. After the government has blocked most of the torrent website it is difficult to find movie torrents. Since most of the torrent website is blocked by the ISP providers you can still access these websites using torrent proxy sites. How to Use uTorrent - Technviews Nov 30, 2019 How to Use uTorrent and Increase Torrent Download Speeds

uTorrent VPN: Guide to Save & Fast Downloads

How To Run Utorrent in Universities,Colleges,Offices